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From trade shows in Vegas to corporate leadership forums in London, I’ve had a chance to work, manage, and direct special events for a variety of clients and functions. I have experience in scheduling, planning, booth design, show production, agency management, setup, event support, recruiting, and more. Below are some video samples that showcase campaigns from some of the external events I’ve fun.

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Casestudy: Iowa City PEDcrawl and Charity Crawl

In the Spring of 2009 my company, Shirt & Simple, Inc. decided to throw a large promotional event in Iowa City called the PEDcrawl. We coordinated with local businesses and national sponsors (like Budweiser and Papa Johns) and the event was a success with over 300 participants. In 2010 we expanded to include local sponsors and attracted over 800 participants. We’ve since had 5 annual PEDcrawl events and 3 annual Charity Events attracting thousands of people annually, working with over 40 venues and sponsors, and raising thousands of dollars for local charities.

Marketing strategies for this event included online advertising at www.shirtandsimple.com, Facebook advertising campaigns, window signs and table tents displayed in participating venues and local establishments, reference cards distributed at high-traffic student areas, and booths where participants could purchase shirts. The majority of shirts were sold online using Shirt and Simple’s custom shopping cart solution.

Sponsors were advertised online, on the t-shirts, and also had a presence the night of the event.

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